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    Hotelovate connects businesses within the hospitality industry to tech solutions helping them streamline their operations, reduce administration time and costs. Simply put, we seek to make our clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

    Today, hotels, spas and restaurants need to adjust their management to their clients and employees’ behaviours by remaining savvy enough to take their communication, bookings and planning habits online.

    Hotelovate dedicates its time to develop, fund, evaluate, strategize and market trending key applications within the hospitality industry. We work with two proven successful methods to either develop the technology needed to solve an issue for the hospitality industry or for travellers/guests.

    what we DO

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    what we DO

    Solving the biggest challenges in Hospitality with technology

    • Decreasing profitability because of lack of cost control.
    • Customer retention because of ever changing expectations and change in Marketing trends.
    • Booking and revenue challenges.
    • Lack of innovation and technology.
    • Productivity and turnover within Human Resources and lack of skilled staff.
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    Additional services

    • Search technology solving your issues.
    • On and off property reviews.
    • Combine our suppliers to deliver the best solutions for you.
    • Team and technology education.
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