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    Future is digitalization

    Digitalization and new technologies are disrupting industries. In a rapidly changing world, the winners are the ones that can quickly adapt, learn and implement new technologies to better serve their customers. Hospitality is no different. New tools are created and those that can utilize them in the best possible way will be the winners.
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    Find the best tech solutions

    Hotelovate connects businesses within the hospitality industry to tech solutions helping them streamline their operations, reduce administration time and costs. Simply put, we seek to make our clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable.
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    Selected & Bespoke Supplies for Boutique & luxury Hotels

    The one-stop shop for Hotel Supplies for the hospitality industry worldwide
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    Other services - consultancy

    With all the fast technological changes, it can be difficult to keep up. This is where the team behind Hotelovate can help. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry and the tech world, we can offer unique insights. We bridge the gap between new technologies and hospitality. We examine what organizations in and outside the hotel industry are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world and which ones are doing it best.


    We strategize using innovative Six Sigma tools and global resources to understand data and implement Strategies throughout Hospitality operations and brand. Services related to new technologies and the hospitality industry:

    1. Advisory

        Hotelovate can guide you in the jungle that is new technologies in hospitality. We act as a bridge with expert knowledge both from the hospitality industry and the tech space. Together we analyze your needs and help with strategic decisions.

    • Keynotes

        Our team are regular speakers at various industry events. Get ready to get inspired and get the latest information about tech trends in the hospitality industry.

    • Training

        We offer longer training in the tech and hospitality space. Either with our in-house experts or with a network of consultants.

    • Implementation of technologies within your operations

        Do you want to develop new technologies in-house but lack tech talent? We can help you and develop together.