CoBabbles Checklists, Forms, Audits, Video, audio and pdf content upload and digital signage features improve visibility, accountability and compliance across your business.


    CoBabble is a simple to use, powerful knowledge transfer platform for businesses. CoBabble allows you to deliver your content as; video, audio, PDF, checklist, quiz, course, test and blog post, directly to your audience in real-time. CoBabble platform is perfect to digitalize all your processes. From onboarding to doing digital checklists for service standards.

    How CoBabble can help your business Reduce Risk, Improve Accountability and Compliance, Get More Visibility and Go Paperless.

    • Digitises all documents and resources – Go Paperless
    • Not reliant on wi-fi or 3G. Stores content until you’re connected.
    • Check In/Check Out feature on site
    • Real time actions on jobs – visibility at every step.
    • Avoids expensive double handling of paperwork and data – environmentally friendly.
    • Minimises Risk – Improves Health and Safety in your workplace  for your employees
    • Traceability – Everything is digitised, securely stored and easily accessible
    • Customisation – Your brand across all content
    • Audits – Streamlines data capture across workflow processes
    • Captures insights for improved training and processes
    • Aesthetically pleasing dashboard for high level internal and client presentations
    • Full training and ongoing support with Designated Account Manager.